Craft Confession

Craft Confession is a website that documents the artistic process. Anyone who wants to can submit a video that will be posted on the site talking about their own personal approach to the artistic process and how they applied it to a specific project.

Here is a sample video from the site of me explaining my process for creating a poster for a film festival.

Craft Connection

Craft Connection is a mobile app geared toward creatives that are fresh out of college and might not yet have a full time job or a classroom environment to get feedback from peers about their work or find partners for collaborations. The app aims to provide a space to give and receive critique of work and to connect users that are looking for collaborations by matching the needs of one user to the skillset of another.

RGB Color Mixer

The RGB Color Mixer is a fun little program that I coded in Processing. It is based of the RGB color mode that digital screens use to produce colors and allows the user to mix colors by adding and subtracting red, green, and blue to make virtually any color.

Click and hold the squares to try it out yourself!