Sleep Hazard

This is an infographic that warns about the consequense of not getting enough sleep, provides information by age group about how much sleep you should get, and provides tips on how to get more sleep.

Ebola Book

EBOLA: The 2014 Outbreak is a book of articles that I put together to provide an overview of the outbreak. The book consists of three articles which each take on a different format and page layout to help reflect the three perspectives that each article takes on:

  1. 1. Facts about the virus
  2. 2. A word from the professionals on site
  3. 3. Opinions from everyday people

The three different formats are all tied together by a timeline of events that flows throughout the whole book at the bottom of each page.


A poster advertising a film festival showing: Shutter Island, Looper, The 6th Sense, and Inception. This poster embodies the dense plots of these four movies which cause you to take in all of the broad details at once in order to perceive the bigger picture.